Sun Oct 21 2:00 PM
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Bay 17
General Admission
All Ages

Presented by Performance Space & Carriageworks
Australian Premiere

Experience a remarkable collision of dance, sculpture and live electronic music with xhe. Unfolding over the length of an evening, this immersive performance envelops the audience in a search for the elusive xhe: a figure that is not “he”, not “she”, nor “it”. Moving within a kaleidoscope of shifting patterns, moving objects, syncretic sounds, uncanny forms and enchanting moments, the artists will create a shared space of imagination and collective daydream in which to summon, receive, discover, and even become xhe.

Created by an international ensemble of artists this entrancing new performance generates a powerful sense of fluidity, carrying us into a realm of new possibilities. Revelling in our potential as humans to continually transform ourselves, xhe moves us to explore a figure in constant flux: between movement and stillness, organic and geometric; something that lies between a square and an octopus.

Commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay (Singapore) and Performance Space (Sydney, in association with the Naomi Milgrom Foundation).

Concept and Choreography Daniel Kok
Visual Art and Design Miho Shimizu
Performance Daniel Kok, Karol Tyminski, Chloe Chotrani
Music Filastine & Nova
Graphics Currency
Textiles Viktoria-Helena Binger, Margaux Gilbert
Dramaturgy Lilia Mestre 

Design photography Ryuichiro Suzuki
Technical Management Yap Seok Hui (ARTFACTORY)
Production Goh Ching Lee, Hoo Kuan Cien, James Tay (CultureLink Singapore)


xhe is a durational performance that lasts five hours. You are welcome to enter, re-enter or exit the space at any time but it is recommended that you stay for at least 90 minutes. You will be asked to remove your shoes upon entering and will be able to sit in or move around the space. xhe has a limited capacity so upon arrival you might have to join a queue before being able to experience the work.

Please Note
Children under 2 years may be admitted for free without a ticket, accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

Daniel Kok & Miho Shimizu, xhe.
Image: Ryuichiro Suzuki

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Bay 17

245 Wilson Street Eveleigh, New South Wales, 2015